• C
  • x86 Assembly

Xelix is a hobby POSIX-like kernel and operating system for x86. It is written in C, has a largely GNU-based userland and can run many common *nix programs.

Features include:

  • Preemptive multitasking with privilege and memory separation
  • POSIX process API with fork/execve/wait and signal handling
  • VFS with support for dynamic mount points, poll, pipes, and in-memory file trees
  • Read/write ext2 implementation, IDE and virtio-block drivers
  • A userland graphics compositor and window manager using Cairo and freetype2
  • BSD socket API for TCP/IP support using the PicoTCP network stack


  • Python

Undercurrent is a pre-alpha GTK3 Linux client for the TIDAL music streaming service. It is written in Python 3 using PyGObject with GTK and GStreamer.